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Is Your Advertising Investment Giving You a Strong ROI?


Carlsbad, CA – Find out if your advertising is working through a research study that will be conducted by Trade Show Executive  and Harvey Research on our July 2007 issue.   Trade Show Executive is sponsoring a Harvey Research Internet Ad-Q ad study in the July 2007 issue at no additional cost to advertisers in that issue.  Each participating advertiser will receive a research report that answers these questions:

1. Who is reading your ad?

2. How does your ad compare to others?

3. Did you reach buyers?

4. What was the overall performance of your ad?

5. How do page size and color impact readership?

Want the answers?  Contact your sales rep for more details:  Irene Sperling at (818) 990-1080 or Linda Braue at (310)792-6081 or

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