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Informa Markets Focuses on Age Inclusivity as Part of Its DEI Strategy

Maddy Ryley, Managing Editor
Screenshot of a zoom call of Inform Markets' IMX Live event

CHICAGO — Informa Markets gained Age Accreditation in partnership with 55/Redefined, promoting age inclusivity as part of the company’s wider Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy to help attract, engage and grow talent from the 50+ demographic. 

Already, Informa Markets’ workforce spans five generations, and to gain Age Accreditation it has ensured its recruitment practices are inclusive and accessible to workers aged 50+, vacancies and promoted and communicated fairly, it invests in technical training and reskilling colleagues aged 50+ and reviewed HR handbooks and policies relating to retirement. 

“It is a vital part of creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for all colleagues,” Informa Markets Vice President, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mike Sealy said. “Age inclusivity means respecting and valuing contributions of colleagues from different generations and providing them with equal opportunities for growth and development. Age inclusivity also means fostering a culture of learning and collaboration across age groups, as well as challenging age discrimination and stereotypes.”

To foster age inclusivity in a workforce, Sealy recommended starting with making it a key part of the overall DEI strategy, enforcing policies to combat age discrimination and adopt age-inclusive practices, training staff on unconscious bias and offering a balanced working policy that allows employees of all ages different working solutions to meet their personal needs.

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The focus on age inclusivity comes as Informa Markets amps up its DEI strategy and initiatives. This year the company held an all-colleague day-long hybrid event, IMX Live: All In, which featured the IM Awards and the launch of a new category focused on excellence in DEI. The event also offered sessions centered around DEI topics, including experiences of neurodiversity in the workplace, marriage in relation to the LGBTQIA+ community and age inclusion across a multi-generational workforce. 

The company also launched the Diversity Bridge Program, a global high school community outreach program that brings students from mainly underrepresented communities together with leaders at Informa Markets to hear about career journeys and gain exposure to career paths in the exhibitions and events space. Volunteering also is a key part of the company’s DEI strategy, with participation in initiatives around the world to support local communities.

Along with promoting DEI internally, Informa Markets has started programs to promote DEI at shows and events, such as its Diverse Voices on Stage program, which aims to diversify speakers at events. Informa Markets Fashion launched Fashion for Change, a program that supports upcoming design talent within the Black fashion community, and Informa Markets Engineering started a high school community outreach program, a collaborative effort with The Diversity Org.

“Internally, promoting DEI can help to create a more inclusive and respectful work culture, where colleagues from different backgrounds and identities can feel valued, supported and empowered. This can enhance employee engagement, retention, performance and wellbeing,” Sealy said. “Externally, advancing DEI can help to strengthen the organization’s reputation, brand image and social responsibility. By engaging with diverse suppliers and our local communities and creating inclusive products and services, the organization can demonstrate its commitment to DEI principles and values, and attract more customers, partners and investors who share the same vision.”

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