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IAEE Outlines Importance of Exhibitions on Capitol Hill


Dallas, TX – In the upcoming July issue of Trade Show Executive, IAEE President David DuBois talks about the importance of raising awareness about the exhibition industry among influential government officials and knowing what factors are shaping today’s business environment.

In his monthly column, “Perspectives,” DuBois says that beyond the core mission of exhibition-related companies and events is the underlying unity among industry professionals that emphasizes how exhibitions DO mean business and that face-to-face events are still the primary marketing method for doing business.

In June, DuBois and IAEE Chair Megan Tanel, who is vice president of exhibitions & events for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), led IAEE members and more than 100 others from 15 supporting organizations to Capitol Hill to demonstrate the strength of the exhibition industry directly to elected officials. This “Exhibitions Mean Business” coalition and its supporters stormed Capitol Hill to speak with officials in congressional offices about the Jobs Originated through Launching Travel (JOLT) Act, Open Skies, Trade Promotion Authority and government employee attendance at trade shows and events.

In the article, DuBois said this 2nd Annual Exhibitions Day far exceeded the coalition’s expectations.  It drew 112 participants from 19 states taking part in nearly 100 meetings with policy influencers and members of Congress. IAEE chapters in Atlanta, Austin, TX, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas and Washington, DC also obtained citywide proclamations for Exhibitions Day in their respective cities.

DuBois emphasizes the importance of Exhibitions Day 2015 to the industry as a vital means to raise awareness about the business and economic power of exhibitions and events on both local and national economies and a demonstration of the strength of the industry to speak with one voice in taking the industry message to federal legislators.

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