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How HP’s Technology Forum is Responding to Cancelation of HP World


Palo Alto, CA – Hewlett-Packard spokesman Ryan J. Donovan confirmed that HP was a “partner” in HP World and said the company regretted the Interex decision to cancel the show (see story, “HP User Group Suspends Operations, Cancels HP World 2005 ” on TSE’s  home page). Donovan declined to comment about any ongoing discussions with Interex.

“We are ensuring those customers and exhibitors who registered for HP World won’t be negatively impacted by the Interex decision,” he said.

Donovan said HP is offering complimentary, comparable registration for the HP Technology Forum to all registered and paid attendees of HP World. In addition, the company is offering discounted exhibition space at the forum to exhibitors and sponsors of  HP World. 

” HP World attendees can get more information by calling (877) 216-5400 or visiting,” Donovan said.

This morning, HP announced plans to lay off 14,500 employees and revamp its retirement plan in a bid to save $1.9 billion annually. The cuts represent about 10% of the company’s total workforce and will occur over the next six quarters, according to a report by Associated Press.

Reach Ryan J. Donovan, Hewlett Packard, at (650) 857-8410,

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