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How CES is Handling Security at its Massive Show


Las Vegas, NV – Security will be ramped up at CES 2016 in Las Vegas next month, including metal detector screenings, body patdowns and new restrictions on luggage and personal bags.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) said in a statement December 17 that the moves were a response to “recent global tragedies,” but were not the result of any known credible threats to the massive electronics show.

“Our goal is for all of our guests…to have a productive, fun and safe experience at CES while being sensitive to lines and inconvenience,” said Gary Shapiro, CEO of the CTA.

The CES show, formerly known as the International Consumer Electronics Show, takes place January 6-9 at multiple venues in Las Vegas including the Las Vegas Convention Center. The annual show attracted more than 3,600 exhibitors and around 170,000 attendees and scores of media members in 2015.

Visitors in 2016 can expect to see a beefed up and visible police presence, including bomb-sniffing dogs and armed officers clad in body armor. Delegates will also be required to produce a show badge and identification before entering any of the venues.

The most-visible security requirements will be at the entry points. Each attendee will have to pass through a metal detector, and new restrictions on luggage and other bags will be in place to prevent contraband from entering.

No suitcases will be allowed, including computer cases, carry-ons or rolling luggage carts.
Backpacks will be allowed, but CES warned that the pockets will be searched, which could bog down the screening process.
Personal items may be brought in a maximum of two bags no larger than 12”x17”x6”. Clear or mesh bags are encouraged.
Heavy coats or other bulky clothing are discouraged.
Places to check coats or bags will be limited, so allow extra time to check and retrieve items.
Exhibitor freight will be subject to search at both the venues and the marshalling yard.
Additional details on new security requirements for exhibitors and attendees can be found at

“We are communicating with the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and local law enforcement as we enhance measures onsite at CES 2016,” Shapiro said. “We appreciate our guests’ patience as we work to maximize security and minimize hassles.”

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