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Hot New Cold Show Added to United Fresh for 2016


Orlando, FL – A new show for the cold-chain logistics industry will debut at next year’s United Fresh Produce Associations’ show in Chicago. The Global Cold Chain Expo will launch in June 2016 at McCormick Place as a co-located addition to the United Fresh, FMI Connect and the International Floriculture Expo. The announcement of the launch was made jointly by the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) and United Fresh Produce Association (United Fresh) at the IARW-WFLO Convention & Expo in Orlando.

Organizers projected about 25,000 net square feet of exhibit space plus 15,000 attendees who will also be attending the other three shows. The show management team was not immediately announced.

The cold-chain logistics industry keeps perishable items on ice from the point of production to supermarket coolers and produce aisles. Organizers of the new show said the current trend toward locally produced food was spurring cold-chain providers to look more at becoming a total logistics source rather than a basic cold-storage warehouse industry. “Today’s customers place a higher value and priority on total cold-chain solutions, no matter which industry and anywhere in the world,” said GCCA President & CEO Corey Rosenbusch,

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