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Gone in (Less Than) 60 Seconds


Washington, DC – Now you see it, soon you won’t. The “old” Washington Convention Center, which was  built in 1983 between 9th  and 11th Streets NW, will be imploded on December 18th at 7:30 a.m.  The implosion sequence will begin in the middle of the structure and flow outward,  creating a controlled descent of the structure over a twelve second duration.

The South side of the structure just North of H Street will remain in place during and after the implosion.  The final clearing of the land will occur by June 2005 after which the site will be converted into a parking lot.

The WCCA has been meeting with service providers and neighborhood properties for the past several months to ensure a smooth event.  In an expression of gratitude, the WCCA will host a breakfast reception at 6:30 am for the properties affected during the implosion. The reception will feature Mayor Anthony A. Williams and tourism industry leaders.

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