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GES Breaks New Ground With Visit GO!

Frances Ferrante, Senior Editor

COVENTRY, England — Visit GO!, a new application from GES, can, with a simple scan of a smartphone, verify that a trade show attendee has received either a negative COVID-19 test or been vaccinated within the government-identified time parameters. The application is compatible with a variety of test vendors and health agencies globally.

The new app can be used via a URL, bypassing the need to download. Attendees can register for Visit GO! from any mobile device. They scan their phones on site at the event registration to complete their health checks.

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Visit GO! was used for the first time at the recent London Mayoral Elections in London on May 11, 2021.

“Working with organizers and venue clients, we understood the urgent need to verify the vaccination status or test results to allow for safe openings of live events,” Gerard Conway, Director, Event Intelligence at GES EMEA, told Yahoo Finance. “Visit GO! realizes this by connecting the health state with an attendee’s badge. An additional advantage is that attendees can be tested before arriving at the event, reducing the number of on-site tests required.”

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For GES customers, Visit GO! integrates with the Visit by GES event platform. The app allows attendees to instantly print their own badges, which they can use to download content and sign into an education session to prove participation. Attendees can also use it on the show floor to get digital brochures, product videos and exhibitor information. Exhibitors can use it for lead capture, to track attendee engagement and to customize follow up based on attendee actions.

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“Smart technology offers event organizers the chance to truly measure their value proposition, to measure the customer experience, and to take some of the disciplines of virtual tools like Google Analytics and apply them to a show floor,” said David Cunningham, Commercial Director, Visit GO! “For many years, we’ve been offering tools to exhibitors to capture leads. Now we’re the first to market with tools that allow visitors to take complete control of their show experience.”

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