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Freeman Closes Three Offices in Houston for the Next Five Days


Dallas, TX – Freeman and AVW-TELAV closed their three Houston offices at 4:00 pm CDT on Wednesday, September 21 and announced they will remain closed until Monday, September 26. This action is part of the precautionary elements of their company-wide Disaster Recovery Plan and the mandatory evacuation orders for Houston and the surrounding areas.  The company’s emergency plan worked well during the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and in this case, Freeman says there is additional time to take precautions to protect both their employees’ safety as well as exhibitor materials and company equipment.

The evacuation affects over 140 full-time employees in Houston, who are now securing facilities and preparing to evacuate themselves and their families to other locations inland.

The three offices span roughly 260,000 square feet.

The company established a central task force, similar to the one in place for recovery efforts for New Orleans, to assist in the preparation and movement of computer equipment, exhibitor materials, and company equipment from Houston to Dallas.  Houston employees were also able to receive immediate paychecks on Wednesday.  There are no Freeman or AVW-TELAV events currently underway in the area, and sales staff are already in contact with most clients who have upcoming events in the area.

The company has provided an emergency toll-free hotline number  for updates and check-in status for Houston-based employees and clients: (866) 866-4911.

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