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Global Investment Fund in MICE Sector Launched

Frances Ferrante, Senior Editor

SINGAPORE — A new fund is counting on improved performance of MICE sector stocks as the industry emerges from the impact of Covid-19. The Arena MICE Equity Fund’s portfolio will consist of publicly listed MICE and MICE-related stocks.

The fund, available  through Abacus Capital, expects to invest in up to 20 stocks listed across major global stock exchanges and hopes to attract $100 million of investment in its launch year. The focus will be on larger companies with strong balance sheets that are able to increase their market share globally.

The fund is led by a board of advisers, Exhibition International Investment Partners Pte Ltd, consisting of CEOs and business leaders in the MICE industry, each with more than 20 years of experience running global companies. Among the founders is David Audrain, CEO and Partner of ExpoDevCo and CEO of the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO), who will be advising on the North America region.

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“The exhibition industry severely suffered and until now is still suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. I was pained to see many companies lay off staff and put on hold their valuable and precious operations that are essential for world trade,” Bjoern Kempe, Lead Advisor and Chairman of EIIP said. “I believe the formation of the fund that invests in publicly listed companies active in the MICE industry can not only support troubled companies and provide capital but, most importantly, the fund will draw attention to this very important business sector.”

Abacus Capital is an Asian investment management group headquartered in Singapore.

Reach Bjoern Kempe at +65 6622 5386

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