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Final CEIR Attendee Acquisition Report Completes the Picture on How to Grow Attendance

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DALLAS — Earlier this month, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), released the third and final report in its Attendee Acquisition Trends Driving Growth series, Report Three: Areas of Focus for Improvement for Future Attendee Acquisition Efforts. 

The purpose of this report is to explore future trends, focusing on areas that B2B exhibition marketers feel their organizations need to improve, as well as identifying new activities they plan to implement to increase the effectiveness of their attendee acquisition efforts for future events. 

Respondents to the report singled out four key areas their organizations will be working on in the future. The largest majority, 67%, are looking to sharpen their approach to digital marketing. Adjusting their content to meet attendee needs is important to 61%, and 56% are planning to alter their attendee prospecting initiatives to meet shifts in existing and emerging markets. Lastly, 48% will be assessing their marketing channel mix. 

“Study findings indicate attendee marketers are focused on where it counts. They understand the critical importance of using data analytics to drive better decision-making. They also understand that future success is built on improving event content to make it attractive and able to deliver on marketing promises. This drives attendee retention,” CEIR Vice President of Research Nancy Drapeau, IPC, said. 

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Among the new activities on the docket for implementation, the top three are: improve the data analytics used to make decisions (55%); enhance social media marketing content for use in lead generation (48%); and keep engagement with the attendee base going year-round (46%). “These results point to the interest in understanding the market size of target audiences, and adjusting marketing efforts to where the greatest attendance potential is,” Drapeau said. 

The collection, organization and analysis of data that effectively supports an effective multichannel marketing strategy is a complex undertaking that exhibitors must master to be successful. Digital transformation is a slow process,” noted Drapeau. Yet it’s a smart investment because organizing this data helps drive better understanding and decision-making where audience potential is greatest, pinpointing what to expand and what to stop based on actual results.” 

This third and final report completes the picture on strategies that business-to-business (B2B) event marketers plan to hone to increase attendance at events. The report offers critical insights and solutions for today’s B2B event marketer and is available at no charge to CEIR subscribers and IAEE members, and costs $29 to non-members. 

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