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Explori Launches Maxbi, A Tool for Exhibit Marketers to Measure Performance

photo of Mark Brwester, the CEO of Explori, which just launched Maxbi, on stage

CHICAGO — Explori launched Maxbi, a new tool to help exhibit marketers, as well as trade show and event organizers, to understand their exhibits’ performance and return on investment (ROI) for their participation.  

In a recent study, Explori found that one in three exhibit marketers feel really strong pressures to cut costs, with 85% reallocating their exhibit spend in some way. 

Maxbi provides a dashboard featuring actionable insights and data-driven analytics for exhibit marketers to see their ROI through a variety of categories and measurements, helping them to justify their spend and find ways to be more effective in what shows and exhibits they invest in. Using the data and insights from Maxbi, exhibit marketers will be able to more clearly convey the importance of trade shows to senior leadership. 

There continues to be a real friction caused by rising exhibit costs and the absence of data,” Explori CEO Mark Brewster said. “This puts exhibit marketing at a real disadvantage when competing for budget with other marketing channels, which are often perceived to be more measurable. With Maxbi, we aim to solve one of the greatest challenges both the trade show industry and exhibit marketers face — measurement.” 

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The new tool collects seven key data points: trade show characteristics, trade show perception and sentiment of the team, exhibit characteristics, budget allocation, strategic execution, achievement of strategic objectives and lead analytics.  

Users will fill out a form that records these seven points and Maxbi creates an interactive dashboard where they can be looked at overall, and in different comparisons such as seeing how the importance of the show and stand position of the exhibit can affect the likelihood of returning to that show. It will also break down all of the costs for exhibiting, such as booth space, travel and accommodations, show services and marketing and promotional activity. 

The tool allows teams to also view the analytics from a variety of perspectives for a wider context of exhibiting, including for the individual exhibit at a specific show, for the company’s overall exhibits activity and by portfolio performance breakdown. 

Explori provided a demo of Maxbi during a recent webinar and showed how the data-based tool can help answer myriad of questions like who’s performing substantially worse than others and who’s performing substantially better. Or which exhibits could be leveraged.  

As more and more teams utilize Maxbi, the platform will be able to provide real-time benchmarks for the different data points, further helping exhibit leads to see where they stand in comparison to the industry and better justify why the company should invest or disinvest their resources in certain areas and shows.  

Reach Mark Brewster at or +44 20 8603 5696  

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