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Exhibitor Magazine Strolls Down Memory Aisle


Oceanside, CA – History is a great teacher and Exhibitor magazine is using its 30th anniversary to take a look back at some of the pivotal developments that have taken place on the show floor and the lessons that are still relevant to exhibitors and marketers.

Veterans of the trade show industry will enjoy a look back at some of the unique booth designs and technology breakthroughs that occurred at COMDEX and beyond. The editors saluted not only highly creative booth designs but also remembered watershed moments such as the booth where attendees had their first opportunity to try out an Apple computer in 1984, or the introduction of the first digital media kits in 1996.

Each of the 30 subjects is accompanied by a takeaway lesson for 21st Century exhibitors and show managers can carry with them as exhibitions continue to evolve.

The Exhibitor article can be accessed at:

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