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Executive Changes at The Woodworking Shows


Los Angeles — TJR Industries, owner and producer of The Woodworking Shows, has announced changes to its executive staff. Wayne Hammack has been appointed President, replacing Todd Rosholt who has left the company. Cody McGarraugh, who has been working with TJR as a strategic advisor, has been named CFO. And Zachary Zeidler, formerly VP of Operations, has been promoted to COO, where he will maintain responsibility for the daily operations of the shows’ schedule.

In his introductory letter to exhibitors, Hammack stated that the new team would be focused on increasing attendance, with the goal of making the winter season profitable for all. The Woodworking Shows encompass 30 three-day events nationwide that draw 250,000 qualified consumers over two seasons: in the Fall, from October to December, and in the Winter/Spring, including shows that take place from January through May. The average shows spans  50,000 gross square feet, with the largest shows using 75,000 gross square feet.

The Woodworking Shows were established in 1976 and acquired by Todd Rosholt and TJR in 2000. Rosholt decreased the number of shows from 54 in 2001 to 26 in 2003 to increase value for exhibitors. The company has organized from 26 to 32 shows a year since then.

A TJR spokesperson was unable to provide details of Rosholt’s future plans, but stated the company wishes him well in his future endeavors. Hammack reiterated this in his letter to exhibitors.

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