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Emerald Releases Event Preparedness Plan

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NEW YORK — Emerald Expositions released its “Emerald Preparedness, Prevention and Response Plan,” which provides comprehensive, multi-layered information on health and safety protocols the company will implement during the reopening of its live events. This plan is the result of the work done by a collaborative team of professionals that came together to review, monitor and implement onsite safety guidelines that will inform how Emerald’s events are handled.

“The Emerald team started this process a few months ago as the dramatic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold in the United States. We took swift action to begin connecting with our general service contractors, industry association, and venue and hospitality partners to determine, confirm and institute all health and safety requirements set forth by the CDC and the U.S. local, state and federal governments,” said Brian Field, Emerald Interim President and CEO. “This process has been very fluid, with information and data changing almost daily in the beginning, so having a strong internal and external partner team in place was instrumental in our success during this initial planning phase.”

The guidance that Emerald created addresses safety protocols in key areas, such as:

Communication. Frequent communication will be a key factor in organizing events during this time. Throughout the planning stages of all events, Emerald will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment — which will be updated as needed based on information received from local public health officials during regular check-ins — and communicate the safety protocols required on event websites, social media platforms and email. These protocols will also be reiterated in welcome packets provided onsite, as well as daily announcements made in exhibit halls and meeting rooms.

Cleaning, sanitation and disinfection. Emerald will work closely with venues to ensure that cleaning protocols set forth by facilities and industry associations are adhered to. Some specific guidelines for cleaning and sanitation include increased frequency of trash removal in exhibit halls, installation of hand sanitizing stations in key locations around a facility, and use of enhanced cleaning and disinfection regimens during events.

Personal protection. The use of face masks will be required of all speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees throughout the duration of an event. Personal protection equipment will be made available to those who request it during registration.

Social density. Emerald will work with facilities to ensure that the flow of traffic in events prompts attendees to maintain social distance through things like floor graphics that indicate where people should stand. There will also be a no-contact policy instituted that discourages people from shaking hands.

Emergency protocol. Emergency response protocols will be created at all Emerald events. Medical personnel will be available onsite to provide medical assistance to anyone who feels ill during an event and there will be an open line of communication maintained with local health departments. In addition, event staff members will conduct inspections to ensure that facilities comply with emergency protocols.

Other topics addressed in the Emerald preparedness plan include how registration areas, exhibit halls, meeting rooms, and food and beverage service will be addressed during events. According to Field, the comprehensive strategies found in the plan will help ensure that all show stakeholders can participate in upcoming events with confidence.

“We evaluated, researched and compiled the latest best practices and guidelines that ensure the health and safety of our customers, staff and communities; guidelines that follow the latest protocols on cleaning and sanitation, personal protections and social density, and communication were all very important areas for Emerald cover in our plan,” he said. “The most important aspect for us at Emerald with developing this ‘Preparedness, Prevention and Response Plan’ is to communicate Emerald’s commitment to health and safety as our number one priority, which will in turn provide assurance and confidence to customers. We want to return to safely connecting our communities and empowering collaborations in face-to-face environments.”

The “Emerald Preparedness, Prevention and Response Plan” is available at

Reach Brian Field at (646) 668-3787 or

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