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EIC Announces Inaugural 2022 Online Sustainability Certification

Marlene Goldman, Executive Editor

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Events Industry Council (EIC), the global voice of the business events industry, is now offering its 2022 online Sustainable Event Professional Certificate (SEPC).

The SEPC was originally introduced as an in-person course for trade show and event management professionals, though last year the options were updated and expanded to include an online component, making it easily accessible for event professionals throughout the pandemic. The online course also allows for a greater number of industry professionals to participate, as 126 professionals earned their SEPC certificate through EIC’s inaugural online course.

The sustainability course was developed by industry experts in the areas of social impact, sustainability and event management and covers 16 different modules, which include understanding the business value of sustainability and improving environmental performance of trade shows and events. One goal is to empower trade show and event organizers and strategists to design their own sustainable events through interactive courses and a digital workbook.

The four signature programs are Sustainability and Social Impact, Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX), Knowledge, and Leadership, which are part of the EIC’s main initiatives.

Event management professionals who complete the SEPC course will receive 12 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits toward their Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) application or recertification. EIC is also an approved provider of Certified Association Executive (CAE) continuing education and professionals who earn the SEPC certificate will be eligible for 12 CAE credits.

Amy Calvert, CEO, Events Industry Council stated, “The events industry is critical for the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as we foster the connections needed to innovate, collaborate and accelerate action for the goals. I am proud of the hard work and determination displayed by the first digital group of SEPC professionals, who represent global and diverse sector experience, and cannot wait to see how they apply what they have gained from the course to support their organisations and our industry in becoming more sustainable.”

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