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Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance and International Federation of Exhibition & Event Services Partner for Industry Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Maddy Ryley, Managing Editor
Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance and International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services Partner for Industry Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

WASHINGTON, DC / BRUSSELS — The Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance (ECA) and International Federation of Exhibition & Event Services (IFES) are partnering to increase global knowledge sharing and collaboration within the exhibition and event service industry. The two organizations will focus on educational efforts, advocacy support, policy and issue forums and other opportunities to serve the larger events industry.

As both organizations believe that the global events industry’s success will rely on cross-border partnerships and cooperation, the two will find solutions and share best practices for the evolving needs and challenges of the exhibition and event service industry, like utilizing new technology, championing sustainability and attracting the next-generation workforce.

“By working with IFES, ECA hopes to further expand its sensing and responding capabilities to ensure that when there is an issue that screams out for help from policymakers on the show floor anywhere in the world, it’s not a whisper by the time it reaches ECA headquarters in Washington, D.C.,” ECA Vice President Tommy Goodwin said. “IFES has a robust global presence, while ECA’s sphere of influence is largely domestic. This allows for a robust exchange where we both benefit from knowledge sharing about what’s top of mind wherever we are in the world. This presents a great opportunity for ECA to inform the U.S. industry about what’s happening on the ground across the consentient, and perhaps what’s coming around the corner when it comes to environmental policymaking.”

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IFES, representing approximately 20,000 exhibition and event service industry professionals, has been working with the European Exhibition Industry Alliance (EEIA), which is a cooperation between European UFI members and the European Major Exhibition Centres Association (EMECA), to represent the common interests of the exhibition industry in Europe. The organizations promote the importance and impact of business events and exhibitions to European Union Institutions and other stakeholders. Other official partner associations of IFES include the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, UFI — The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and Joint Meetings Industry Council.

“Knowing how fruitful the cooperation with EEIA is, where all European exhibitions bodies are aligned, we are looking forward to working together on advocacy as well as on practical issues in our day-to-day business with ECA in the American market,” IFES Executive Director Uta Goretzky said.

ECA is already involved in other alliances and partnerships, aligned with the belief that the exhibition and event service industry is stronger together. “Since its founding, ECA has always operated from a partnership-first mindset. Whether that’s working closely with our great alliance partners to our collaborations with groups like the European Exhibition Industry Alliance. From ECA’s perspective, the future of our industry calls for more collaboration not less, so we are always open to domestic and global partnerships that help advance our mission and provide value to our core stakeholders and the industry at-large,” Goodwin said.

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