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Diversified Communications Reduces Its Environmental Impact with Rewind Carpet

image of a show floor featuring Rewind's sustainable carpet

PORTLAND, Maine — Through a new partnership with Global Experience Specialists (GES), Diversified Communications is using Rewind carpets for all its 2023 shows. This partnership underlies Diversified’s commitment to producing more sustainable exhibitions while keeping the visitor and exhibitor experience at their shows in mind. 

Carpet at a trade show provides comfort, reduces noise, and offers appeal. If it’s not properly recycled, it can also end up in a landfill, which takes thousands of years to break down, emitting harmful greenhouse gases in the process.  

More than four billion pounds of carpet enter the solid waste stream in the United States every year, accounting for more than one percent by weight and about two percent by volume of all municipal solid waste, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  

A company is addressing this — Rewind carpet that is completely latex-free, produced from a single raw material, and consequently, 100% sustainably recycled.  

Diversified will use the new sustainable carpets at Accountex, SITS, DCW, and GEO, which all take place this month. They will also roll out the product at Accountex Summit Manchester, Lunch, Commercial Kitchen, Casual Dining, London Design Fair and Coach & Bus later in the year.  

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Rewind carpet is a zero-to-landfill alternative, featuring 55% less carbon emission to make, and is manufactured entirely latex-free. In addition, it takes the water out of the manufacturing process, reducing the energy required in production by 85% less than traditional event carpets. This is important as the production of conventional carpet is resource-intensive, using water, energy and raw materials. Traditional carpet manufacturing uses chemicals, including dyes, adhesives, and stain-resistant treatments. These chemicals can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. 

It is also made in such a way to allow it to be easily recycled, and is lighter than traditional cord carpet, so delivery capacity is increased, and transport emissions are reduced. In addition, Rewind has signed the Net Zero Carbon Events Initiative and commits to being net zero by 2050.  

“Carpeting has been an important part of this conversation, and we’re very aware of the compromise between having a great experience and wanting to be a more sustainable events company,” Helen Milton, Group Operations Director at Diversified Communications, said. “For us, taking something as important as venue carpet away from the experience at UK venues is not an option. We’re pleased that GES has introduced us to Rewind, which has given us the alternative which will enable us not to compromise on the presentation of our events yet support our commitment to make our events more sustainable for the future.”   

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