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David Peckinpaugh Named President & CEO of Maritz

Andrea Doyle, Executive Editor

ST. LOUISAfter 25 years of leading Maritz Global Events as CEO and Chairman, Steve Maritz is moving into an Executive Chairman role. David Peckinpaugh, current president of Maritz Global Events – one of Maritz Holdings’ core business units, will take over day-to-day management of Maritz Holdings as President & CEO effective January 1, 2022.

This executive leadership change marks an important shift for Maritz from long-term family management to long-term family ownership, which is a natural evolution of many privately held businesses. The Maritz Family – Steve and his sons, Ted, Willie and Jack – remain active shareholders and members of the Maritz Board of Directors.

“I’ve been proud to be a steward of this great company for 25 years. It was here a long time before me, and it will be here a long time after me.” Steve Maritz, Executive Chairman, Maritz Holdings said. “I believe it’s my responsibility to leave Maritz better than it was when I took over, and I think I’ve done that.”

Maritz Holdings and its portfolio of businesses – Maritz Automotive, Maritz Global Events and Maritz Motivation – are on solid ground and significantly growing as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company’s Executive Leadership Team will remain in place composed of:

  • Rick Ramos will continue to serve as Maritz’ Chief Financial Officer and Co-President of Maritz Motivation.
  • Steve Gallant will continue to serve as Maritz’ General Counsel and Co-President of Maritz Motivation.
  • Jeff Kellstrom will continue to serve as President of Maritz Automotive.
  • David Peckinpaugh will continue to serve as President of Maritz Global Events, while taking on his new role as Maritz’ President & CEO, overseeing and partnering with Ramos, Gallant and Kellstrom on Maritz enterprise efforts.

Peckinpaugh’s familiarity with the overall Maritz business and its portfolio of businesses, from his nearly 11 years as leader of Maritz Global Events, makes him an ideal sucessor.

“David has proven himself to be an incredible leader. He delivers results. He builds a great culture. He’s a strong operator and well respected – both internally and externally,” Maritz said.

In his new role, Peckinpaugh will be responsible for guiding overall business and go-to-market strategy, evolving the company’s collective vision and fostering Maritz’ unique, people-focused culture. Steve Maritz will oversee high-level functions for the Maritz enterprise including finance, legal and board-related issues.

“Maritz is an incredible company that has reinvented itself and persevered to weather every single storm its faced, and there is nothing but opportunity on the horizon,” Peckinpaugh said. “We’ve led the markets we serve for years – automotive, events, employee recognition, loyalty and incentives markets – and we will continue to outpace our competition with solutions designed and delivered using the latest in behavioral science, design thinking and data-driven insights.”


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