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CEIR Report Offers Tips on Show Selection for Exhibitors


Dallas, TX – The latest Guru Report from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) gives trade show marketers a glimpse at how their potential exhibitors decide whether or not a particular exhibition is the way that they should go.

The report, written by Barry Siskind, an authority on the art of exhibiting, is titled “The Right Place to Exhibit – A Strategic Approach.” It is available on the CEIR web site free of charge to CEIR members.

“CEIR’s Guru Report Series offers exhibitors practical advice to help them succeed with their exhibition marketing efforts,” said Brian Casey, president and CEO of CEIR. “This particular report offers a comprehensive and practical approach for brand marketers to identify the exhibitions that best meet their needs.”

Exhibiting opportunities are plentiful, and exhibitors have grown increasingly cautious and sophisticated about whether to ante in with a particular show, whether it is a major international show, a regional event, or professional conference.

Siskind, the author of “Powerful Exhibit Marketing” and six other business books, urges exhibitors to dive as deeply as possible into the demographics of their target audience, and match them up with the types of trade shows most likely to draw them. Siskind’s premise is that the audience is what makes a show tick, and knowing as much as possible about the attendees and the companies they work for is invaluable. “Creating individual customer profiles is a crucial step in focusing your marketing effort and ensuring that you are indeed at the right exhibition,” the report said.

The steps outlined by Siskind are aimed at exhibitors. But show organizers could benefit as well by getting on the same page as their customers, taking steps to bring in the right kind of attendees, and making certain that the exhibitors know who will be in the aisles.

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