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CEA to Establish ‘World Trade Center’ Brand in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV – The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) will strengthen its ties with its home away from home by establishing the World Trade Center Las Vegas brand in the city.

The CEA has obtained the rights to the “World Trade Center, Las Vegas” trademark from the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). It also formed a corporation that will develop plans for the project and look at potential locations.

A timetable for the project was not announced. However, Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the CEA, noted that the CEA would license the trademark to an existing facility in Las Vegas.

The International CES is regularly one of the largest trade shows in North America. “Las Vegas is increasingly an international business designation and we want to focus the world’s companies on the many opportunities to do business with the many organizations who participate in trade events in Las Vegas,” said Shapiro.

Of particular interest to the CEA and the Las Vegas visitor industry, according to Shapiro, is the increasing flow of international business travelers to the city. The World Trade Center Las Vegas project will provide a year-round destination for those international and business visitors. “This is not about venue management, it’s about a specific venue positioning itself as the center for international business visitors to Las Vegas,” Shapiro told Trade Show Executive. “More, international attendees are important to the future of our show.”

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