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Cancun Convention Center Adds Extra Hour of Sunshine


Cancun, Mexico – Mexico has approved a new time zone for the resort city of Cancun, bringing the city’s convention center closer to the U.S. East Coast.

Cancun and the rest of Quintana Roo state officially shifted from the Central Time Zone to the Eastern Time Zone on February 1, and what a difference an hour will make. “Cancun is excited to welcome this time change, which will allow our visitors to take advantage of one more hour of sunlight in our beautiful destination,” said Jesus Almaguer, general director of the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Cancun isn’t adding an actual 25th hour to each day, but the move to Eastern time means that the time at which the sun sets is later than before. Attendees at the Cancun Center and other venues can adjourn in plenty of time for tequila sunrises at sunset on the city’s world-renowned beaches. Cancun Center itself has a welcoming 8,064 sf outdoor terrace with ocean views as well as 77,500 sf of prime exhibit space.

There are some other advantages to the new time zone. Cancun will be on the same time as East Coast cities in the U.S. and Canada, which will streamline airline connections into Cancun.

Reach Jesus Almaguer at +52 (998) 8812745 or; Vicky Marmolejo, commercial director for Cancun Center, at +52 (998) 881 0400 or

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