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Building Online Communities Multiples the Value of a Media Company


New York, NY – Several forces have converged in 2006 to create a sea change for diversified media companies. Advertisers increasingly are moving to an online presence—and at a much faster clip than was earlier projected. This rapid growth of online properties has made them extremely attractive to investors, with B-to-B and consumer online media commanding transaction valuations far beyond those of traditional media.

According to The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI), online media and marketing was the driving force behind heavy merger and acquisition activity for the first three quarters of 2006. That’s a trend the firm expects to continue into next year.

Those factors demand, rather than suggest, that trade show owners have the potential to increase the value of these businesses by adding a strong online component. Some trade show organizers have already established a significant online presence; others are quickly ramping up  to develop the interactive online communication that is likely to help them build interest for the future. Trade Show Executive magazine takes a look at  how six trade show organizations plan to extend the reach of their shows and build a loyal following,  in our December issue, with bonus distribution at IAEM’s EXPO!EXPO!

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