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Bartizan and Capture Technologies Offer Innovative ‘Rewards Card’ to Consumer Show Organizers


Yonkers, NY – Bartizan Connects, LLC, and Capture Technologies, Inc., have teamed to offer consumer show organizers the Rewards Card Program, designed to assist with intelligence gathering, lead and retrieval tracking and sponsorship sales.

Attendees sign up for the program online or on-site at a computer/kiosk station, entering their name and address manually or scanning the information from a driver’s license. While the card is printing, attendees answer a short survey with questions designed by the organizer or a sponsor.

Attendees then use the card to obtain gifts or discounts from participating exhibitors and local businesses. Exhibitors, who can scan the card for lead retrieval purposes, can also use their incentives to encourage attendees to register for the program.

During the beta test at the DigitalLife Expo, a consumer show that debuted in New York last Fall (see Trade Show Executive, October 2004, page 12), the service exceeded expectations with three times the attendee participation forecasted. Based on these results, organizers can expect a minimum of 20% attendee participation, resulting in collection of data that can be used to extrapolate actual audience marketing demographics.

Lew Hoff, President and CEO of Bartizan, notes, “The Rewards Card Program is a proven method of collecting profiles and preferences of consumer show attendees for exhibition organizers.” The program can also be used to generate additional sponsorship revenues and provide exhibitors with electronic lead capture.

Reach Lew Hoff, President and CEO of Bartizan Connects, at (914) 965-7977 or

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