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Aventri Acquires ITN International


Event management software (EMS) company Aventri has acquired ITN International and its entire global team.

It’s the fourth acquisition in the past three years for Connecticut-based Aventri, the industry’s leading EMS company. Aventri, formerly etouches, was acquired in 2017 by private equity firm HGGC and rebranded in July 2018, positioning it as the fastest-growing player in the $6 billion EMS industry.

The acquisition allows Aventri to broaden onsite technology and service offerings, and expand its global reach. It also allows ITN customers to benefit from cutting-edge solutions and advanced technology that create meaningful connections through events. ITN, the world leader in mobile NFC and cloud-based event management solutions, services more than 125 events, including 10,000 exhibitors and 1.5 million attendees

Ivan Lazarev, co-founder of ITN and Global Head of Onsite Services for Aventri, described the acquisition as “the perfect fit,” not just because of their investors, but because of Aventri’s interest in providing end-to-end, top-of-the-line solutions for event data management.

“Bringing an end-to-end platform for small, medium and large tradeshows is something I have always wanted to do, and Aventri is now the answer to that industry need,” Lazarev said. “ITN will now be able to add a very powerful multi-event cloud platform solution to its existing offering and we are very excited about the additional data that will be potentially collected and analyzed.”

Together, Aventri and ITN will have the most powerful end-to-end event solution on the market for SMBs and enterprise corporations, company officials said. The unified companies also will work to revolutionize how data is gathered, reported and analyzed. Lazarev believes the industry will soon see “a quantum leap” in analytics.

“Some of the most exciting products for Aventri are ITN’s lead retrieval capabilities, badge printing with NFC and onsite services,” said Global Head of Sales & Marketing for Aventri, Michael Burns. “The lead retrieval is very robust and offers self-service for exhibitors which is key. This will be the top priority to integrate and offer to existing Aventri customers.”

This latest acquisition raises Aventri’s total number of employees to over 375, and adds five new offices around the world.

Reach Ivan Lazarev at or (301) 535-1127;  Michael Burns at or (203) 403-9470.

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