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Arc Goes Plant-Based with its Bridge2Food Partnership

Marlene Goldman, Executive Editor
Arc Goes Plant-Based with its Bridge2Food Partnership

LONDONArc placed plant-based foods in the spotlight with the recent announcement of its new investment partnership with Bridge2Food. The Netherlands-based company operates the Global Industry Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Ecosystem – the largest global collaboration platform for innovators in the food and beverage industry.

Arc, based in the U.K. and Netherlands, and backed by investment funds managed by EagleTree Capital, organizes more than 100 industry events a year and runs content platforms in agriculture and business sustainability, among other categories.

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“One year ago this month, we announced the formation of Arc through our partnership with EagleTree Capital. At that time, we said we wanted to build the future of business networking and to do that we would seek out strong brands, in responsible and sustainable sectors, that will deliver long-term value and grow with the addition of strategic investment and dedicated focus,” Arc Group CEO, Simon Foster, said.

“Bridge2Food is a tremendous example of exactly the sort of business and team with whom we are looking to partner,” Foster added. “They are a passionate team at the center of a transformative industry, playing a vital role in connecting business, research, and innovation, across channels, to build innovative solutions for a healthier life and more sustainable planet.”

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Bridge2Food features a network of more than 10,000 food industry-based business and technical experts through its Ecosystem, as well as through its annual summits and academy courses. Bridge2Food offers plant-based protein and foods courses for industry professionals, among others. The company says it has reached over 1,000,000 food professionals via its database and social media platforms.

According to Bridge2Food Founder Gerard Klein Essink. “We’re incredibly proud of the community we’ve built with Bridge2Food. Our aim has always been to connect the leaders and disrupters of the high-growth plant-based food and protein sector. Our Summits grow ideas into actions, our Academy courses deliver hands-on education, and our membership Ecosystem provides a continual space for fostering innovation. The driving force behind Bridge2Food is to advance actions for a better food world, and we couldn’t have found a better partner than Arc to help us further pursue and accelerate that goal.”

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