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Advanstar Using MAGIC to Promote Licensing Expo


Las Vegas, NV – Advanstar Communications launched a cross-promotion program that will pitch the company’s Licensing Expo to the huge crowds of exhibitors and attendees at MAGIC MARKET WEEK, while MAGIC exhibitors and attendees will be able to find potential licensing partners by also participating in Licensing Expo.

The program, announced January 28, is a marriage of complementary shows tapping into the increasing popularity of licensed-brand apparel, which Advanstar estimated at $40 billion at the retail level.

“A collaboration with the largest fashion trade show in the world makes perfect sense for Licensing Expo,” said Chris DeMoulin, president of licensing and executive vice president of customer development for Advanstar. The new collaboration will also provide cross promotional opportunities via direct mail, digital marketing, editorial content and co-hosted seminars.

Licensing Expo takes place each June in Las Vegas, wedged between the February and August MAGICs held in the same city. The 2013 show reported healthy growth in exhibit space, exhibitors and attendance. Exhibit space grew 9.5% and topped 218,089 net square feet (nsf). Attendance was up 7.2% to 15,103.

The semi-annual MAGIC, has also grown rapidly in recent years. The February 2013 edition grew 2.1% to cover 887,321 nsf and drew an estimated crowd of nearly 66,000 people. The August show jumped 11.5% to 1,062,151 nsf and hosted around 70,000 attendees. The August MAGIC was part of the latest Trade Show Executive Fastest 50, and the 2012 shows were ranked in the top 10 of the TSE Gold 100.

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