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Access Intelligence Introducing Interactive RFID Attendee Tracker


Addison, TX – An all-seeing RFID platform coming to Access Intelligence’s LeadCon show this Spring will not only look over the shoulders of attendees but will also whisper in their ear about sessions and exhibits they might be interested in.

Access Intelligence (AI) is partnering with FISH Technologies on LeadsConnect, a real-time RFID tracking system that will debut at LeadCon March 20-22 at The Paris in Las Vegas. While RFID tracking is not new in the trade show arena, LeadsConnect is seen as a step forward from the standard traffic data used in post-show analyses.

LeadsConnect will serve as something of a digital personal liaison connecting the approximately 3,000 attendees to both exhibitors and show managers. The system has already been employed at major sporting events to measure the engagement level between sponsors and fans whose game credentials include an embedded RFID chip.

“We are very excited to be able to introduce the same platform being used to enhance the fan-sponsor experience at some of the world’s largest marquee sporting events to the b-to-b industry at LeadsCon,” said Kerry Smith, Senior Vice President of Access Intelligence’s Marketing Division.

The plan at LeadsCon is to include an RFID transmitter chip in each name badge. Those chips will be read by a network of antennas around The Paris that will both the movements of those name badges and also transmit information to each attendee’s personalized micro website. The LeadsCon technology will be able to match sessions and exhibit each person visits with other booths and sessions that are in the same vein.

FISH President Rick Weldon said the result is a seamless experience that combines previously independent registration, lead capture and event-app systems. “We are pleased to have found that FISH and Access Intelligence share the belief in using technology as a conduit to more successfully marry buyers and sellers and make conferences more engaging and fun for the attendee,” he said.

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