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ABM Seminar to Hone Skills of Independent Media Execs


Chicago, IL – The role live events can play in taking smaller and independent media companies to the next level will be one of the topics covered in a June leadership program presented by ABM, the association of business information and media companies, aimed at helping the leaders of such companies thrive in a rapidly changing business environment.

Britton Jones, president and CEO of Business Journals, Inc., will be the presenter for the session, “Events in Integrated Enterprises” at the ABM Advanced Leadership Program for Independent Operators taking place June 17-19 at the Kellogg School of Management Conference Center at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Jones, who will talk about the various opportunities and tensions that come with integrating trade shows and other events into a business strategy, will be just one of the presenters from the media world and from Northwestern’s prestigious Media Management Center and Medill School of Journalism.

Smaller and independent media companies are seen as more nimble and able to pounce on an opportunity quicker than their larger corporate rivals. But that requires leadership that knows where it is headed and can avoid the same ruts and pitfalls that trip up bigger companies. The ABM Advanced Leadership Program for Independent Operators is an intensive program to provide b-to-b business leaders with practical tools and the framework for guiding their company’s evolution at a time when technology and business trends are difficult to predict.

Other sessions include: “The New Economics of Digital Media,”  “Gearing Every Customer Interaction Towards
Closing the Sale,” “Structuring Your Company for Maximum Effect,” “Punching Above Your Weight:  Leveraging Alliances, Partnerships and Technology to Gain Scale” and “Building a Content Brand Circle:  Right Time,
Right Place, Right Formats.”

Many participants in the ABM Advanced Leadership Program are hand-picked for the fast track by their employers, which means producing results sooner rather than later. Attending the June conference will give attendees from the trade show industry and other sectors valuable insight on how the media business is changing and how live events can play a productive part in future growth.

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