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A Royal Merger: Affinity Group Acquires 12 East Coast RV and Boat Shows from Royal Productions


Ventura, CA – In a move to build its consumer show division, the Affinity Group, Inc. (AGI) has acquired 12 consumer shows in the boat, RV, camping and home and garden sectors from Royal Productions, Inc., based in Richmond, Va. AGI has created a new division called AGI Events, which will now manage 18 events in eight cities. “We have a very aggressive plan to expand our show division at AGI,” says Steve Hedlund, president of AGI Events.

Royal Productions, a family business founded in 1972, produced the shows in Virginia, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania. Corporate Solutions LLC of Westport, Conn. represented Royal Productions in the sale.

David Posner said the move would make a “dramatic difference” in promoting the shows. “The breadth and depth of their marketing capability is far beyond what an individual producer can do,” he said.

The group will be led by Posner who will serve as vice president/general manager. Posner and his staff will continue to operate from Richmond as a regional group under AGI Events. AGI Events also owns and operates six other consumer shows in the outdoor and RV market.

Affinity Group purchased five of those in Minnesota a year ago and operated them under the name American Recreation Consumer Shows. Those shows now will operate under the new AGI Events division, according to Tom Gaither, Vice President of AGI Events. “We decided we had more interest in growing the shows rather than a new brand,” Gaither said.

Gaither said AGI’s vision is to add other regional offices that would produce 15 to 20 shows each in the outdoor and lifestyle markets.

The move to consumer shows came after AGI successfully built its own RV Rally by leveraging its club, store and publication databases to reach prospective attendees. “That showed the strength of our database to drive people to our events,” Gaither said.

The marketing power is expected to benefit to the Royal shows as well. “They’re the experts in show (management) and we’re the experts in marketing. Joining together makes sense,” Gaither said.

Reach  Tom Gaither, Vice President of AGI Events, at (805) 667-4195 or; David Posner, Royal Productions at (804) 425-6556; Nick Curci, President, Corporate Solutions at (203) 226-4040 or

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