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What’s in YOUR Wallet?


Carlsbad, CA – Trade shows are projected to grow an average 5% in 2006 but the salaries of show executives are not expected to rise in tandem.  Bonuses are where the real money will be in 2006, according to Trade Show Executive magazine’s 4th Annual Report on Compensation and Recruitment Trends. The report was based on interviews with senior executives and HR managers — those who control the purse strings. Who earns what and why  will be released in the December issue of TSE at the International Association for Exposition Management’s EXPO! EXPO! in Atlanta next week.

The report also takes a lighthearted  look at the personality traits  which senior  executives look for when hiring show managers. Traits that are viewed with caution include Type A personalities who want complete control and eccentrics who may think too far outside the box. “It’s okay to think outside the box, but the box has to be somewhere in sight,” says John Gallagher, Senior Vice President,  E.J. Krause & Associates, in the article “Star Search —  How and Where to Find Good People.”

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