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WCP Exposition Services Company Renamed Wheelhouse Solutions


San Francisco, CA – The name of the parent company of Champion Exposition Services, George Fern and Immersa Marketing has changed to Wheelhouse Solutions.

The new name better reflects the services the company offers beyond basic exhibitions, including marketing, event strategy planning, sponsorship sales and digital experiences, said President and CEO Robert Priest-Heck. “We have seen a huge interest from our show organizer customers in experience marketing solutions beyond exposition services. This broadened suite of services is better reflected in our name,” he said.

Wheelhouse was selected, Priest-Heck said, because the term refers to an area of expertise. In baseball, a pitch thrown to the batter’s “wheelhouse” often results in a home run.

The name change will not have any impact on Wachovia Capital Partners’ ownership or the current management of the company. Champion and Fern clients will also see no significant differences in their contacts, other than that the experience marketing experts at Immersa will be more accessible. “We have been seeing a shift for 16 months with our association customers needing additional marketing solutions and venturing into digital experiences,” said Leslie Brand, vice president, marketing. “To answer this need, we have brought in our Immersa Marketing agency to work with Champion and George Fern’s customers, and are doing so with the respective sales and account management teams.”

Reach Robert Priest-Heck at (415) 655-2202 or; Leslie Brand at (415) 230-3000 or

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