UFI, tfconnect Set to Merge CEO Events in 2015

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Paris, France – UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and tfconnect, which offers a portfolio of events and services to an international network of organizers, venues and contractors, last month announced a merger of the UFI CEO Forum and tfconnect’s Global Event Summit (GES) to be completed by early 2015. The merger is the result of feedback from CEO members asking for fewer industry events, according to UFI Managing Director Paul Woodward. “Senior players have been telling us that there are too many industry events and that one CEO event would be the way forward (and) we agree,” Woodward said.

Beginning in 2015, the new CEO event will be held in UFI’s traditional February slot. The two groups have already begun working together to plan UFI’s 2014 event set for Paris February 10-12. The goal is to offer combined elements of the CEO Forum and the Global Event Summit at the Paris event as a transition to the full merger. “We fully intend that the new event combines the best attributes of the two individual events,” said Trevor Foley, tfconnect managing director.

Reach Paul Woodward at (011) 33 1 46 39 7500 or pw@ufi.org; Trevor Foley at (011) 44 (0) 1442 289 929.

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