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UFI Partners Benchmark Survey Shows Decreased Demand for Trade Show Services

Frances Ferrante, Senior Editor

PARIS — The just-released second edition of the Industry Partners Benchmark Survey by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, reflects the negative impact the pandemic has had on the global trade show industry, but with a couple of positive signs.

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The survey demonstrates that services that are considered mandatory for running an event — booth construction, catering, marketing — have experienced a steady decline in demand. The percentage of respondents requiring booth construction services dropped from 80% to 75%, for example; most decreases were in a similar range. Consultancy services were among the least- utilized services, experiencing a further decline in demand from last year’s survey, with only one-third of show organizers relying on them. The most-used services remain booth construction and staffing/security services, which is probably relied upon so heavily because few organizations have in-house staff.

The category that showed a slight increase over last year was digital services, which were used by 67% of respondents this year versus 66% last year. The other good news was an increased demand overall for event services in the Asia-Pacific region.

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The survey also focused on which services are most important to an event’s success. Communications/marketing is regarded as the most important element, which could be linked to the ability to track the success of these activities more effectively than other services. Interestingly, although booth construction is relied upon most frequently, it is not considered the most relevant factor to an event’s overall success.

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About 190 companies contributed to the survey, developed by the UFI Industry Partners Working Group; the majority were from Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

“The results of our first survey showed in tangible terms the value organizers place on their suppliers and partners for the success of their events. Our second survey goes deeper and also demonstrates where the suppliers and partners relationship stands vis-à-vis the organizers for their recovery period events,” Ravinder Sethi, Chair of UFI’s Industry Partners Working Group, said.

Download the survey from the UFI website.


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