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UFI Launches First-Ever Asia-Pacific Week

Andrea Doyle, Executive Editor

PARIS/HONG KONG – UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has created an adapted format for its Asia-Pacific Conference 2022 that will encompass member-led, local activities in 12 countries. They will connect and re-unite the UFI member community and wider industry across the region, moving on from digital-only events.

As the global pandemic passes the two-year mark, travel within Asia remains highly restricted. With industry professionals across the region still being affected, UFI sought a way to continue to deliver its annual industry gathering in the region, and the first ever UFI Asia-Pacific Week, scheduled to be held March 28-April 1, was born.

A week-long series of local events across the region will enable UFI members and the wider community in Asia to gather, in person, where they are based. The UFI team in Hong Kong is working with UFI Ambassadors from China, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan, among other countries, and will be responsible for organizing a variety of local gatherings, from charity runs to cocktail, dinner and cultural events.

“Although markets are beginning to open in Asia, UFI members have not been able to gather at our regional conference for the past three years. UFI and our community understand the irreplaceable value of face-to-face meetings,” Mark Cochrane, UFI’s Regional Director in Asia-Pacific, said. “So UFI has put together this new format to allow our members to gather locally – even though we cannot meet at a regional level. There will be opportunities to network and have a bit of much needed fun. We already have UFI members in more than ten markets across Asia who have volunteered to organize charity runs, member dinners, networking gatherings and more. UFI Week in Asia will provide our community with a chance to see familiar faces and look ahead to better days!”

Kai Hattendorf, UFI’s CEO and Managing Director, added: “Keeping communities engaged and connected is certainly a challenge, but we say challenge accepted! That’s why UFI is working to provide our colleagues across Asia with opportunities to come together, in person, in their own countries. Through our group of UFI Ambassadors, participants can network and debate key issues facing our changing industry in Asia and the world!”

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