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TSE’s Crossword is a 9-letter Word for ‘Prize’


Atlanta, GA – Test your knowledge of trade show trivia by entering the Trade Show Executive crossword puzzle challenge found on Page 36 of the November issue [posted online and in print]. The puzzle also runs in the December issue, which will be unveiled on December 8 at EXPO! EXPO! in a room drop to delegates and will also post online on December 8.

Sponsored by the George Fern Company, this ten-word challenge offers players a chance at winning a new Kindle® wireless reader at EXPO! EXPO!. The words are all related to the trade show industry and will test the industry acumen of readers whether they are at the office or enjoying the plane ride to Atlanta.

Attendees can drop off their completed puzzles at the George Fern booth (#1021) or the TSE booth (#311) at EXPO! EXPO!, or send them in advance to Trade Show Executive. If there are multiple correct entries, a drawing will be held to determine the winner of the Kindle®.

Reach Nicole Burnes, assistant editor, at (760) 630-9105 or

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