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TSE Offers Training on the Fine Art of Dealing with the Media


Oceanside, CA – Did you ever have an uncomfortable experience with the media and wished you had been better prepared?  The stakes are getting higher. TV camera crews, newspaper reporters, magazine writers, and bloggers with smart phones and their wise-guy attitude are coming to your trade show in increasing numbers. How ready are you? Be prepared this time – enroll in a special post-Fastest 50 media training program on May 22 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

The news media, both traditional and digital, present a tremendous opportunity for show organizers. You are the face of your company and are one of the chief spokespersons for your industry. You are also being called on to appear in videos on industry web sites, media web sites and your own show site. But without the proper training, that tremendous opportunity can quickly become a huge liability.

Trade Show Executive is excited to partner with MediaWorks Resource Group ( and its founder, former CNN News Correspondent Mark Bernheimer, to help Fastest 50 delegates better understand the motivations of the typical reporter, and more importantly, achieve your own objectives in interviews.


A special opportunity is available to a limited number of Fastest 50 delegates: 
a private, one-on-one workshop with Mark Bernheimer on the fine art of appearing on camera, whether you are preparing for the morning news shows, You Tube or your own event web site. The session includes:

  • A message discussion exercise to help you emphasize what’s really important to focus on when talking about your event.
  • One or two on-camera interview drills where you will have a chance to face “a reporter” without any negative consequences.
  • Ample feedback and critique of your on- camera performance.
  • A media training workbook with proprietary tips, rules, and lessons.
  • A DVD of your on-camera drill(s).


A few time slots are still available. Contact Marilou Delosantos, assistant event manager, at (760) 630-9108 or for more details.