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TSE, Lippman Connects, and Exhibit Surveys Partner in Key Survey


Washington, DC – The state of sponsorship and exhibit sales in the trade show industry will be captured in a new survey that will be hitting show organizers’ in-boxes on Monday.

The “2015 Exhibit Space and Sponsorships SalesStudy” will examine the latest trends in sponsorship sales, and what factors are either spurring them on or holding them back. This year’s survey also includes an increased focus on the space selection process and exhibitor training. Trade Show Executive, Lippman Connects and Exhibit Surveys are conducting the online survey. The results will be released on October 22 at the Exhibit Sales Roundtable in Washington, DC produced by Lippman Connects.

Each partner brings unique strengths to the project. “Trade Show Executive’s support of the survey will improve the results and value for trade show professionals,” said Sam Lippman, president and founder of Lippman Connects. “Plus the experience and expertise of Exhibit Surveys ensures the precise collection of data,” he said. “The recommendations from this research will be rock solid.”

Darlene Gudea, president of Trade Show Executive Media Group, said TSE is proud to partner with Sam Lippman and Skip Cox. “Both Lippman Connects and Exhibit Surveys are leaders in their field. The quality of their research, from inception to interpretation, has provided unique insights for show organizers through the years and helped them make informed decisions.”

The survey will be distributed to show organizers who are directly involved in the sale of booth space and sponsorships. It will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and a “save” function means the survey does not have to be completed in one sitting. Personal information will not be disclosed, and all input will be used to create an insightful summary of what is working and what tweaks might be needed to ramp up sales.

The deadline for completion of the survey is October 1. Respondents will receive the full results of the survey and will be entered into drawings for a $100 gift card and free registration to a Lippman Connects Roundtable – a $395 value.

Skip Cox, president of Exhibit Surveys, added, “Trade Show Executive’s involvement in the project will broaden our reach to more organizers, giving us a better opportunity to segment results for additional insights, which we will share in full with those who participate,” he said.

Jeff Stanley, executive director of strategic research development for Exhibit Surveys, said the results of casting a wider net would be a bigger and more complete picture of what is arguably the one of higher revenue-generators for trade shows.

Reach Sam Lippman at (703) 979-4904 or; Skip Cox at (732) 741-3170 or; Jeff Stanley at (732) 704-1324 or; Darlene Gudea, president, Trade Show Executive Media Group, at (760) 630-9111 or

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