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Trade Show Executive’s Trailblazer Program Officially Opens for Nominations

image of TSE Trailblazer trophies from 2019

CHICAGO — The Trade Show Executive (TSE) Trailblazers program is now open for nominations! 

The TSE Trailblazers program is meant to identify and encourage the next generation of leaders in the trade show industry through recognition and celebration. The Trailblazers are invited to TSE’s Fastest 50 Awards & Summit May 1-3 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, where they will take to the main stage to be awarded their Trailblazer trophies and honored by their industry peers at our Trade Show Executive Fastest 50 Awards Gala.   

TSE Trailblazers are selected by a panel of TSE editors based on various criteria, including demonstrable excellence in trade show management, innovative contributions, problem-solving and achievements within the last year. This program is open to any non-executive level staff of show management and is for those who have been in the industry from 2-10 years; executive positions do not qualify. 

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“Recognizing our team and especially our rising stars is more important than ever,” TSE Vice President and Editor-in-Chief Gabrielle Weiss said. “With talent acquisition and attracting younger people to our trade show industry being hot topics this year, it’s fitting that we reestablish our Trailblazer program and recognize these hardworking and innovative Trailblazers, who aren’t in executive leadership positions yet but are certainly on their way.”   

Along with enjoying recognition at the Fastest 50 Awards & Summit, the Trailblazers will be featured in an article in a monthly issue of Trade Show Executive magazine. 

Nominate your trailblazer today here: TSE TRAILBLAZERS

Reach Gabrielle Weiss at (312) 493-7753 or 

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