Torn Roof Won’t Delay BC Place Events

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Vancouver, BC – Officials at BC Place in Vancouver said Jan. 8 they didn’t expect any disruptions to their event schedule due to a tear that forced the deflation of the fabric stadium roof.

It was estimated that no more than two of the fabric panels would require replacement, which was not expected to delay the move-in for the BC Contractors Show and Landscaping Expo scheduled for Jan. 23-24.

The stadium was empty on Jan. 5 when the tear was discovered during a windstorm that blew through the area. The weather apparently caused two additional tears during the weekend after the roof was deflated as a precaution against the whole structure being ripped apart.

The U.S. manufacturer of the Teflon-fiberglass roof quickly sent its representatives to inspect the damage and arranged to have the new panels shipped to Vancouver. Once repairs are made, the roof will be inflated to its normal dome shape.

General Manager Howard Crosley told the news media that maintenance crews were cleaning up accumulated water and did not expect any delays with scheduled events.

BC Place is best known as the home of the Canadian Football League BC Lions; however the stadium also boasts 247,000 square feet of prime exhibit space and is the largest exhibition space in British Columbia. It hosts a number of trade and consumer events, including the Vancouver Gift Show, the Vancouver International Auto Show, The BC Home and Garden Show and The B.C. Food Service Expo.

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