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Tomorrow’s Congressional Hearing Will Look Into Conference Spending by the VA


Washington, DC – A congressional committee will convene a hearing November 28 to address a recent report that alleges elaborate and wasteful spending on conferences by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The House Committee on Veterans Affairs called the hearing to address what it considered a lack of details and other information from the department on its conference spending over the last four years. The department’s Office of Inspector General last month released a report on its examination of the VA’s expenditures on various meetings and concluded, “Overall, the VA’s processes and the oversight were too weak, ineffective, and in some instances, nonexistent to ensure that conference costs identified were accurate, appropriate, necessary and reasonably priced.” (See TSE, December 2012).

The hearing will take place at Cannon House Office Building beginning at 10:15 a.m.  The only witness will be Deputy Secretary W. Scott Gould. No industry representatives were called.

A copy of the full report, Administrative Investigation of Veteran Affairs 2011 HR Conferences in Orlando, FL, can be found at:

Reach the House Committee on Veterans Affairs at (202) 225-3527

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