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Tom Kallman Receives President’s E Award


Washington, DC – U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson presented Tom Kallman, president and CEO of Kallman Worldwide, with the President’s “E” Award at a ceremony today at the White House. Created by Executive Order of President John F. Kennedy in 1961, the “E” Award recognizes the significant contributions of individuals and organizations for supporting U.S. export activity.

The Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, which seeks to improve the global business environment and help U.S. firms to compete and win both at home and abroad, manages the award program that has recognized more than 2,500 firms since its inception.
Kallman Worldwide was one of four organizations to receive the honor this year.

Through his National Export Initiative (NEI), President Obama has raised the importance of exporting U.S. manufactured goods and services to support America’s continued economic recovery and job creation. The “E” Award recipients are contributors to the President’s NEI goal of doubling U.S. exports by 2015, supporting several million American jobs.

“In 2012, we will assist 1,000 companies with exhibiting abroad, up from 890 last year,” Kallman told Trade Show Executive. “Of those 1,000 companies, 340 – or about 33% — are new-to-market companies that are exhibiting abroad for the first time.”

“I believe we were recognized because we have increased the number of exhibitors entering international markets by 15% to 25% over the last three years,” said Kallman. “Trade shows are the soldiers in the battle for exports. They are the most effective way to enter a new market.”

Winners of the “E” Award are authorized to fly a blue and white banner; to display a certificate of commendation that is signed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce in the name and by the authority of the President; to wear and issue to employees an “E” lapel pin; and to refer to the award in their advertising.

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