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THIS Partners with CMG to Promote New Business Model

Sue Pelletier, Senior Editor

Total Hospitality Solutions (THIS) has partnered with Chris Meyer Global (CMG) on a new business model designed to help destination marketing organizations, economic development groups and chambers of commerce better connect and collaborate in the wake of COVID-19.

“Now is the time to act,” said CMG CEO Chris Meyer, CEM, CMP, about the timing of the partnership as the need increases for destinations to quickly develop solutions to support the hospitality, meetings and event industries that have been decimated by the pandemic. “The tourism industry, whether business- or leisure-related, needs to innovate and develop connections that will drive the business forward continually.”

Meyer developed the model, called the Prosperity Triangle, while he was VP of Sales for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. While at LACVA, Meyer used the model to increase collaboration between the DMO and the other two sides of the triangle — the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and other business groups — to elevate his city’s economic success. During his time with the LVCVA, the city attracted a record of more than 42 million guests in a single year, including almost 7 million business travelers participating in more than 24,000 meetings and conventions. He also helped grow international visitors to the region and contributed to airline development. He has since scaled the process for application to smaller destinations as well.

CMG CEO Chris Meyer, CEM, CMP

The partnership between THIS and CMG on the project is based on their shared understanding of the synergies that exist between the three sides of the prosperity triangle, including how they can raise a community’s profile and attract business expansion, relocations and new startups. Another strength is the knowledge they bring on how to promote a destination to the meetings and tourism industry, from hotel operations and DMO management to event sales, airline development and international business relations. The partners can also crunch the data needed to enhance a region’s business trajectory.

Gary Schirmacher, CEO of THIS

Gary Schirmacher, CEO of THIS, said, “We are thrilled to partner with CMG to help destinations and associations find ways to engage their communities to grow experiences and revenue during this time of recovery for the hospitality, meetings and tourism industries. Chris and his team will bring amazing resources to our THIS clientele.”

To learn more about the team developing The Prosperity Triangle, visit THIS and CMG. Reach Chris Meyer at (702) 331-1066,; reach Gary Schirmacher at (770) 519-8425.







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