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The Future Is Bright for Trade Shows in Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline: cityscape with a blue and pink sky

HONG KONG — Optimism about the future of business events and trade shows is soaring in Hong Kong. 

“All COVID restrictions have been lifted, including — finally — the mask mandate. The border with Mainland China is operating without restrictions or quotas. The Hong Kong government has committed to offering international exhibition organizers free venue rental for the next three years,” Mark Cochrane, UFI‘s Regional Director in Asia, said. “In its latest budget, the government also confirmed that it has allocated more than HK$200 million to attract business events to the city. The Hong Kong Tourism Board has hundreds of millions at its disposal to bring both tourists and business visitors back to the city. The future finally looks bright here in Hong Kong.” 

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Dr. Pang Yiu-kai, Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), lauded the lifting of the mask mandate starting March 1. “As the mandatory mask-wearing rule is lifted, all social-distancing measures in Hong Kong have come to an end. Both the local public and all visitors from around the world can now enjoy the many experiences in Hong Kong to the fullest. This not only directly marks Hong Kong’s full return to normal but also gives a shot in the arm to the revival of our tourism industry,” he said. “The Hong Kong Tourism Board will immediately broadcast this good news to Mainland and overseas visitor source markets and will invite visitors to Hong Kong to enjoy our diverse international mega-events, dynamic cityscape, inspiring great outdoors, and other brand-new experiences that our city and its new attractions have to offer and say, ‘Hello Hong Kong.'” 

New Promotional Campaign 

Hong Kong has also launched a promotional campaign to bring back its tourism and trade show industries. The “Hello Hong Kong” campaign includes the distribution of 500,000 free air tickets to welcome people from around the world to visit. 

Paul Chen, the HKTB’s Financial Secretary, said the Hello Hong Kong campaign demonstrates to the world that Hong Kong is back. 

In addition to the free air tickets, a million welcome gifts are being distributed, including cash vouchers for restaurants, shops, or attractions, an exclusive gift from an attraction or museum, or welcome drinks.  

Reach Mark Cochrane at +852 2525 6120; Dr. Pang Yiu-kai at

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