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Trade Show Executive’s Fastest 50 Class of 2022 Sees Highest Growth Rates in Program’s History

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CHICAGO — The Trade Show Executive (TSE) Fastest 50 Class of 2022 officially made history as the group of trade shows with the highest growth rates ever seen in the Fastest 50 program. Nearly 25% of the Fastest 50 shows reported the 2022 edition as the biggest in its history, and the Next 50 Class of 2022 also saw significant gains. 

Growth rates were staggering in all three metric categories: net square feet (NSF) of exhibit space, number of exhibiting companies and total attendance. The Fastest 50 shows grew by an incredible 82.8% in exhibit space, 76.5% in exhibiting companies and 88.2% in total attendance. The Next 50 shows also reported high growth, with the group growing by 30% in exhibit space, 33.3% in exhibiting companies and 33.5% in total attendance. 

These impressive numbers reflect the beginning of the trade show industry’s return in a post-pandemic landscape. By comparing the 2022 editions of shows with the 2021 editions, the resulting growth rates reveal the industry’s comeback was not only strong, but even better than before the pandemic for some. 

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The economic impact of the shows was incredible, as well. The Fastest 50 and Next 50 shows reported a total of 1,598,558 attendees combined. Using the Events Industry Council Economic Study’s rate of $1,156 per North American attendee, the economic impact of the trade shows equals more than $1.8 billion. 

TSE Vice President and Editor-in-Chief Gabrielle Weiss said, “The trade show industry is robust in its recovery, and many shows have bounced back stronger than ever before. Not only does the data show the current state of the industry, but they also reflect the strong, resilient and creative teams behind the shows—both show management and our industry partners.”

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