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Survey Says: ‘Event Organizer’ is One of the Most Desired Jobs


London, England – A survey found that the “event organizer” job is considered a dream job in Great Britain. The survey of dream jobs by YouGov listed event organizer as the fifth most desired vocation among 2,000 Brits surveyed, beating out such high-profile jobs as “pop star,” “pub landlord” and even “prime minister.”  And among women, the occupation ranked second on the list behind “author,” although the men surveyed preferred such jobs as “professional athlete” and ”pilot.”

While the noble profession didn’t beat out “sports star” or “astronaut,” it reflected a growing perception of events as a solid career path, said Trevor Foley, group chief executive of the Events Industry Alliance (EIA). “Organizing events is a cross between real business and showbiz, so I’m not surprised with the YouGov findings,” Foley said. “It is a role that can take you around the world, into all sorts of industry sectors and it’s the most attainable of all the jobs.”

Foley noted that 56 British colleges now offer courses in event management compared to none just five years ago.

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