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SMG Signs Marketing Deal with Beijing’s CNCC


Beijing, China – SMG has signed a contract to provide marketing and consult­ing services to the China National Convention Center (CNCC), which will serve as the media center for the 2008 Olympics and provide a modern venue for major trade shows after­ward.

Officials from SMG and Beijing North Star Company, Ltd. signed the deal in the Chinese capital, the first contract SMG has received in China. “To establish our first venue in the nation’s capital city, in the heart of the Olympic Green, is simply the best possible opportunity we could have hoped for,” said Gregg Caren, SMG’s senior vice president of strategic busi­ness development.

The CNCC will revert back to trade show purposes in the Summer of 2009 after post-Olympics reno­vations are completed. One of the first events will be the China Incentive Business Travel & Meetings Exhibition.

SMG’s primary role in the part­nership with Beijing North Star is to market the CNCC to its customers, specifically those organizations open to holding exhibitions and meetings in China in the coming years.

SMG currently manages 64 exhi­bition facilities worldwide and aims to expand its new foothold in the growing Chinese exhibition market. “As the Chinese keep opening doors for international and western niche events, we are anxious to expand our relationship with key organizers in this extraordinary venue and destina­tion,” Caren said.

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