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Singapore’s Geo Connect Asia Shows How It is Done

Judy Williams

SINGAPORE – Singapore continues to welcome events by working closely with trade show executives and utilizing hi-tech health and safety innovations. One example is Geo Connect Asia 2021 (GCA 2021), which serves as a prime example of how to safely restart trade shows.

Organized by Montgomery Events Asia, Southeast Asia’s inaugural gathering on geospatial and location intelligence technology welcomed some 1,200 exhibitors, speakers, delegates and visitors to participate in the event. About 700 attendees from around the global geospatial community tuned in virtually to an immersive and interactive virtual trade show experience. In-person attendees were treated to two full days of keynote speeches, plenary sessions, roundtables and more.

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“Belief, commitment, scale and fabulous on-location support from Montgomery Asia were all critical to Geo Connect Asia 2021 launching in Singapore,” Rupert Owen, Co-Founder, Geo Connect Asia, said. As a technology-led event for the geospatial industry, the pivot from an in-person event to a hybrid format was always seen to be possible; however, having been obliged to take the hybrid route, the desire for a full face-to-face meeting environment is now stronger than ever, he explained.

GCA 2021 kept the pedal to the metal with safety and health innovations such as a Bluetooth-enabled dongle to track attendees’ location and length of contact with other attendees at the event. The device, part of the Safe Event platform trialed onsite, helped GCA 2021 to safeguard adherence to the requisite Safe Management Measures.

Ballrooms were converted into “exhibition booths” or Geo Suites to mimic a typical trade show floor and help minimize mingling between attendees. Meeting pods were also utilized, ensuring safe meetings between two people separted by a Pexiglass divider.

“New informal networks for such industries in Asia can only ultimately be established through in-person cross community contact,” Owen said. “We are looking forward to running Geo Connect Asia 2022 next March in Singapore, with 85% of the focus being on an in-person show and conference.”

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