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Sind Expands Global Event Strategies with New Beijing and Hong Kong Offices


Tucson, AZ – Global Event Strategies, a consulting firm that helps businesses grow internationally, has expanded globally itself. The company has opened two offices in China: one in Beijing and the other in Hong Kong, announced Steve Sind, President and CEO.

China is currently the world’s fastest growing economy, and over the past few years, the exhibition market has increased at an annual rate of 20%. “China has the fifth largest GDP in the world and is growing,” says Sind.

Global Event Strategies recently licensed a U.S.-based event to a Hong Kong organizer and is working on similar opportunities for other clients in China, as well as elsewhere in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Sind first started organizing exhibitions in China 26 years ago, but notes that today’s environment has created tremendous opportunities that if identified and acted on quickly can generate new revenue streams. The company assists clients with licenses, joint ventures, management contracts, event launches and sales networks. The new offices will also identify and work more closely with appropriate partners to bring exhibitors and visitors into events in the U.S. and other countries.

Reach Steve Sind, President and CEO, Global Event Strategies, (520) 751-2402 or

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