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Shoppe Object Expands to Two Pavilions with 30% Increase in Exhibitors Over 2022 Trade Show

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NEW YORK CITY — The winter 2023 edition of Shoppe Object, held Feb. 5-7 at Pier 36, was sold out with a 30% increase in exhibitors over a record-setting summer 2022 market. To accommodate the expanded show, a new pavilion — the Cityside Pavilion — was connected to the existing Riverside Pavilion at Pier 36. In addition, this year’s show is six times the size of its first event held in 2018. 

“The show has been very busy with high-quality buyers from all over the United States. We have met with lots of new customers as well as existing ones like the Museum of Modern Art,” explained Jackie Piper, Co-Founder of British Colour Standard. Piper, based in London, was thrilled that her company had a booth at the entrance of the exhibit floor. 

Black designers were featured through Shoppe Object’s Black Lives Matter Action Initiative, and country pavilions included Showcase Japan and Made in Ireland. 

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“Coming off of a remarkable summer show and heading into the unknown of 2023, we aimed high, setting some pretty lofty expansion goals, and I’m beyond thrilled to say that we’ve exceeded them, continuing to raise the bar for our community,” Jesse James, the show’s Founder and Show Director, said. Shoppe Object was acquired by International Market Centers in 2022. “The significant increase in our footprint this winter is both an answer to the needs of our buyers and to the continued strength of our waitlist. It’s been in the works for some time, and the addition of our new Cityside Pavilion, connected to our existing Riverside Pavilion at Pier 36, allows us to bring a greater selection of quality brand partners to our unique hybrid model, Shoppe Object and its digital counterpart, Shoppe Online.”  

Shoppe Object features a shared ethos focused on everything good, beautiful, innovative, and well-made.  

“Shoppe Object was a complete titillation of the senses that immersed those lucky enough to attend in innovation, style, great design and quality craftsmanship. I was inspired and excited to meet so many great creators who are making products that raise the bar on sophistication and taste,” said Liz Murphy, an abstract artist and interior designer.  

Omnichannel Sales Model 

Ribbon is the tech partner for the show, creating a unified in-person event with e-commerce offerings. The two partnered in the spring of 2020 with an eye on the future, embracing an omnichannel sales model.  

“Every trade show in the next five years will have a B2B ecommerce component. Shoppe Object had the courage to take that leap pre-pandemic. We’re thrilled to partner on breaking new ground in this space,” Vinit Patil, CEO of Ribbon, said.  

Today, trade show tech isn’t a nice-to-have — it’s a must-have. “Embracing the hybrid trade show model has been integral to our shows’ success over the past three years. We’ve worked with Ribbon to design a platform that can scale with the growth of our physical shows,” James said.  

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